Saturday, October 12, 2013

What great Marketing and decor

Every Tuesday, I have an appointment with a Vision Therapist in Downtown Seattle.  I take the bus in, since my driving is still not safe, and parking down there is out of site.  I always pass this store, which I am so intrigued with.  I finally went inside and asked it I could take pictures.
I guess I will never go in here to buy clothes, since they are very high end.  But, the décor is fantastic.
They have covered all of the windows with shelves and shelves of vintage sewing machines.  It was difficult to get a good picture of the windows.

They have used old equipment from spinning mills and garment factories as their display tables and racks.

I love all of these old bobbins.
Here is a small window that didn't cause too much reflection.
And, the walls.

My last attempt at getting a picture from outside.  Have you ever heard of a Jones sewing maching?  Most of these are Singers, but quite a few Jones'.
The interior looks like a factory, so the feeling is very industrial, combined with the high end clothing.  Very stylish.  Love it.


9patchnurse said...

Isn't that wild? Apparently all of their stores are like that. I was visiting New York City and found one. How many thousands of sewing machines must be sitting in their stores?

Gene Black said...

Interesting. I am sure I would go in and look too.
I have never heard of a Jones machine. I wonder if they were industrial only makers.

andsewon said...

Poor old machines...;-( But reckon better off there than out rusting some where! I have seen pics of these before and also in another store some where else.

Jean(ie) said...

ooh, what a fascinating interior!

Melinda c said...

I agree, this is pretty cool decor. I have seen a Jones sewing machine before at a garage sale. I see you on Facebook a lot but I am trying to get used to visiting blogs again. Depression is still running my life but I am trying. Come by and catch up sometime!

NancyL said...

I would love to be there and explore!