Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding in Las Vegas

Last week, Terry, now my DH, and I went to Las Vegas to get married.  When we first decided to wed, everyone was wanting to come to the wedding.  Jeesh, we did that years ago.  We wanted it to be just between the two of us.  So, we decided to elope to Las Vegas.  From all the shows and movies I've seen, it appeared as if you just walked into a chapel and did the deed, but we had to put a bit more effort into it to get what we wanted.  Simple, traditional, inexpensive, and not tacky.  Sorry, but that is a hard combination to find there.  We finally found the Graceland and Storybook Chapel.  They were wonderful!  For the price we paid, we had a choice of Elvis singing Viva Las Vegas, or $60 worth of pictures.  We opted for the pictures.  We got to hear Elvis sing in the two weddings before us, since we arrived early.  He was a gorgeous Elvis, about 6'5'' and very handsome.  His costume was amazing!!!  If you ever want an Elvis wedding, this is the place to go.
Our ceremony was precious, and our Minister was Jean Claude.  He gave a beautiful message, Terry and I exchanged vows and rings, and we were done.  We asked about getting a cab, and the limo driver offered to drive us home for the same price.  It was our second limo ride of the day, since we had gone on a Timeshare presentation earlier, and were driven to the site in a black limo with another couple from our hotel.
Below is a picture we had taken in one of the bars where we cooled our jets before leaving for the Chapel.  I asked a woman at the bar to take it for us.  She was waiting to meet up with an old sweetheart from 35 years ago who was on his way to join her there.  I was checking out every single man who came in the door and was disappointed that he hadn't yet arrived when we finally had to leave.  I hope she found happiness in her reunion .  She was so nervous!

Here we are getting into the limo for our ride back to the Casino.

After the wedding, we walked around on Fremont street, enjoying all of the people and crazies.
The next morning, friends of ours who live in Las Vegas met us for breakfast, and we walked Fremont once again with them.  Downtown Las Vegas is the place to be during the hot summer days.  It was in the 100's every day we were there, but the large canopy that spans several blocks on Fremont shades you from the direct sun, and many of the establishments have misters outside to help you stay comfortable (and buy more drinks from them).
The last morning there, I got up at 5:30am, unable to sleep.  I went down to the Casino which was almost deserted and started playing the Michael Jackson slot machine.  It is so much fun, very loud, with speakers by your ears.  The chair vibrates with his music, and Michael comes on the screen dancing, and kicking wild cards onto the slots.  I wound up with $713.00.  Now I know the best time to play the slots.  It's nice to come home from there with money in your pocket.
So, we are back at work here at home, trying to combine the two households and getting the "Urban Garden" established.


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You look so lovely!!! Congratulations on your marriage Linda!!!!!! Wishing you much love and happiness in the years ahead with your new DH!

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Yipeeeee! Congrats to the happy couple!

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Congrats! You make a lovely couple.

paulette said... look VERY happy...and elegant! Never have I heard of making $$ at your wedding!! I will have to suggest this to my daughter! :o))
Much happiness to you both!

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I am so happy for you Linda.....

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I'm a little behind on my blog reading, but am so happy for you. I guess you're not a Linda B. any longer. Wishing much happiness for you and your handsome hubby.

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That is so great! Congratulations! I know some people that got married at an Elvis chapel in Las Vegas. It was beautiful!