Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a Matter of Time

I'm sure you've all been waiting for me to get some kind of animal to care for.  Yes, I need something to nurture.  So here are my ducks.  I can't name them all yet, because I don't know what sex they are, but the white pair is male and female Muscovys, and they are Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett.  Then I have a Khaki Campbell, a Black Swiss, and an Ancona.  I think I got the breeds right.  They are so funny and entertaining.  I want them for eating my slugs.  Have you seen the price of slug bait?  Holy Cow, it's ridiculous.
I was watching a movie with a friend the other night and we heard people just outside my window.  It was the neighbors, herding the ducks back home.  I guess they had decided to pay a visit.  They know where their enclosure is, so I was easily able to herd them back in and close them in for the night.   During the day, I let them out, and they pretty much stay in my garden.  They are also intrigued with the chickens on the other side of the fence.

Summer didn't arrive until July 4th, and since then it has been hot and humid.  My flowers are finally growing.  At the feed store the other day, they were giving away vege starts, so I got 4 more tomatoe plants, orange and yellow.  I like to make different colored sauces, so this will be fun.

My yard is looking beautiful.  It helps to have a lawn service, but I still have lots of weeding to do, and my garden in the back.

For those of you who missed this on facebook, here is my new swimming hole.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to cool down.  That is a 35 gallon watering trough.

I have been giving great thought to establishing an alpaca rescue operation.  I have heard that alpacas are selling at the Auction barn for $2 to make dog food.  I would be very selective about which alpacas I would take on.  In most cases, they go to auction because people do not know how to handle them.  I will determine if they can be trained, and then work with them.  When they are ready, I will re-home them.  However, the person or persons who takes them will have to go through a training class with me.

This is still in the groundbreaking stage, but I'm getting very enthusiastic about it.


Gene Black said...

Yes, we were waiting for you to get animals.

And I know you can't stay away from the alpacas so rescuing them is a great idea.

Pie Lady Pat said...

LOVE your watering hole.