Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yarn Production

I hate to complain about our weather, when everyone in the east half of this country seems to be suffering from record heat, but it is wet and humid here, and I'm getting tired of this.  I wish I could send the rain to Colorado to put an end to those awful fires.  And the coolness to you in the East.

I have all of my windows and doors open to try to get some air, and I have spent my day carding wool to spin.
I borrowed my friend's drum carder, since mine are toast.
Here it is, with a supply of fiber to comb.

Here is the container full of fiber that I dyed a couple of months ago. 
I'm having fun blending colors and am looking forward to seeing the yarn I make out of these "roulags".

And here is the latest yarn I am spinning.  What a little workhorse my spinner is.  My yarns are selling well, so I need to pick up my production.

This skein is the last one I finished, made from whatever was left on my bobbins.


Gene Black said...

Nice looking yarn! Are you selling yarn online anywhere? I have started using yarn in some of my art quilts.

Jean(ie) said...

One of these days I need to head up your way and learn about spinning. Those colors are luscious.

Phoeb said...

I miss you, girl.