Thursday, November 17, 2011

My First Baby Project

I've made my first project for my Grandson to be.  Yes, it will be a boy!  I sure know how to act around boys, that's for sure.  This is a tag bankie.  There are three different kinds of ribbons sewn in tags around the edges for baby to suck on and feel.  It's only 36 inches square, my size of project.  I think I'm going to like making baby things.  Small and fast.  I've also started knitting booties.  I will wait until after the holidays to get going on more sewing.  I can't sit in front of the TV when doing that.

I found these in the garden today, so I MUST pickle them, right?

I walked out to the barn this afternoon and found all of the doors and gates standing open, and I started crying.  I cried my eyes out while putting everything to rights.  I know I have some hard times coming, with the holidays and the anniversary of Alan's passing.  My entire life has changed, and I'm really struggling.
Thank God I have this incredible man to help me through it all.


MissMary said...

Blessings to you, my dear. And, for the record, you used not one, but TWO of my most favorite fabrics on that blanket! Well done!

andsewon said...

Hugs to you dear gal. Happy you do have such special folks in your life. Babies give us hope for the future! How fun to be able to sew for a new lil one!