Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day for a Train Ride

Tuesday was a beautiful day for a train ride.  I had spent 5 days with Terry in Seattle and was returning home by train.  The train runs along the coast of Puget Sound and through some of the most beautiful farmland.  I sat with some people from California and acted as their tour guide until I fell asleep.

My time in Seattle included a trip to the Pike Place Market, brunch with my kids, and a walk through the Freemont Market.

Terry's house is located right near the Green River Trail that runs for miles along the river, providing beautiful walking and bicycling.  Terry bought me this bike to keep at his place so I would be able to use it there.  I rode an average of 6 miles each day that he was at work.

This is the seat.  The peace sign is also on the chain guard.  In honor of the days of the flower children, I named the bike Buffy; for Buffy St. Marie, not Buffy the Vampire.

I mentioned in my last post that I would be dressing in period costume for the Nooksack Centennial next year. Above is the pattern I found for a walking skirt, the equivalent to our blue jeans today.  Can you just imagine dragging all this fabric around about your legs every day?

This is the pattern for the apron, or as they called it, the dress protector.  In all my research of attire in the early 1900's, I found the women wore mainly black and white.  Their only color was in their aprons.  I had a difficult time picking a fabric for the apron.  We have the Civil War collection, which is too early, and then the vintage 30's reproductions.  What came in between?
I finally found this.  The picture doesn't do the colors justice, but it is a nice green with yellow flowers.  I'm looking forward to making this up, along with the skirt.  Then I will just wear a lace blouse to finish off the look of a farmwife in 1912, ready to do her daily chores.


Gene Black said...

That picture of the bike sitting in the grass took me back to earlier days.
What a fun thing to do, playing tour guide!

Tonya said...

I love the bicycle....looks like mine a bit.

Barb said...

Oh....that train ride sounded wonderful. Cant wait to see your dress.

Pat said...

I love Buffy!!! That's the kind of bike I have....coaster brakes...none of that too-many-gears and hand brakes stuff for me. LOL Your dress is going to be wonderful. I think you chose a very appropriate fabric for the apron part of it, too.

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) said...

Oh a pretty bike!!!! The pattern and fabric look just right - can't wait to see you all decked out.

Don has taken that train ride - I've not gotten to yet.