Friday, July 3, 2020


It's such a gloomy, rainy day.  I'm really tired of this, but I guess the adage That summer doesn't begin until July 4th is proving to be right this year.
My friend, Cynthia, grows amazing flowers and sells stems to the florists in Bellingham on Mondays.  What she has left over, she brings to me.  This first photo is the latest that I re-arranged today.

Just a sweet little one to tuck in corners.

I really like this one.  Cape fuchsia and other unusual fuchsias.

 This one is special only that it is in a cream bottle that my late husband found in 1975 while fishing near Silvana, Wa.
 And my last.  My sweet peas are just getting started.  I have them growing everywhere, so I will have a constant supply in the house.  I love the fragrant scent.
So, on the health end of things, I am still struggling along.  The biggest change I had to face was giving up coffee.  I love my coffee.  It's a morning ritual.  It's like a candy bar for me since I like it with cream and sweetener.  So, the medical consultants on HHA have recommended Dark Roasted Dandelion Root tea.

I can't say it fits the bill, but it works psychologically.  No cream, that is coconut milk.
Other than that, I'm doing quite well on the protocol.  This week I am on a 6 hour eating window which means I can only eat between 11am and 5pm.  It's not bad.  I find I can only eat two meals, and then I have to fit in my bone broth.  Next week I am on a 4 hour window, and that is followed with a 5 day partial fast.  They say the big results are shown with that fast.  I would really like to get some energy and stop the pain, but that will come.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


It's been a busy week for me, despite the lousy weather and lack of energy on my part.
I got creative and started dying more of the alpaca fleeces I have accumulated in my garage.
I am totally out of white, so I need to be  creative in choosing colors to dye over the browns and grays.
I also had some yarn that was too white for me, so I used my designated electric fry pan to dye that a luscious raspberry.

My first attempt in the orange pot was for a peach color.  It looked like sewage, so I changed it to turquoise.

I can't dye too much at a time because I only have 4 drying racks, and with this cold weather, it takes several days to dry.

Once these are dry, I will add them to the boxes and boxes of clean/dyed fiber I have waiting to card.  I love blending the colors.

Meanwhile, I am busy experimenting with new foods on the HHA program.  I made chicken bone broth in my instapot yesterday.  I have to drink at least one cup a day.  I made beef bone broth last week, but I don't like the flavor as well.
Last night I made FAT BOMBS.  Oh, my gosh, what a wonderful treat.
But, you can't eat just one.

I've been organizing and cleaning out my garage.  That seems to be a never ending chore, but I am making progress.  The local thrift store has opened, so I took a car load to them today and I feel such relief.  Now I have room in my car for more donations.  

Monday, June 8, 2020


11 days ago, I joined HASHIMOTO'S HEALTH ACCELERATOR program.  I'm really excited about this because it offers real healing.
It seems like I spend all of my time shopping, cooking, and eating.  Last week was a 10 hour eating window with 3 meals and 3 snacks.  It seemed as if I was constantly eating.  As soon as I finished one meal and cleaned up, I was beeped to have a snack.
I'm adjusting.  The hard part is getting products I need since I don't have the energy to go out shopping.  Thank goodness for Instacart and Amazon.
So on Friday, I had the not so delightful surprise of developing a yeast infection all over my body.  This is apparently my body detoxing.  It was miserable.  Fortunately, I have my own personal Health Concierge, and she was quick to tell me to bathe in Sea Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar, a cup of each.  What a relief.  I have found that it also relieves the anxiety and agitation I wake up with every morning.

I received this delightful photo of my grandson wearing my Dad's flight helmet on Saturday.  They were watching The Right Stuff, and my son remembered he had it.  
And here is my Dad.  It thrills me to have these two pictures.  I'm so happy that my son and grandson  are also interested in the other flying paraphernalia I have of my Dad's.  I've been told that he could fly any plane that was presented to him.  He was a dive bomber pilot in WWII and flew SBDs.  During the Korean War, he was in Japan and flew helicopters.  Time to dig it all out since they will coming for a visit soon.

Last week my new chaise lounge arrived.  I haven't had something like this for years.  Seems I never had the time to just chill and relax.  Well, I seem to have plenty of time for that now and I will take great advantage of this.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


This is a hard one for me, because now I have to admit and be truthful about how sick I have been these past 10 years.
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis 6 years ago.  At that time, the doctors told me to see a Naturopath to "fine tune" my disease.  Well, I have been run around the block many, many times.  I even had one Thyroid "expert" tell me she just didn't know what to do with me.  With Hashimoto's came high blood pressure, high sugar levels, Fibromyalgia and a myriad of other problems I have almost forgotten about. So, I've been on a roller coaster ride ever since.  I'm at a severe low now, with barely enough energy to get me through the day.  I know some of this is related to the withdrawal I am going through, and hopefully those symptoms will end soon.  My body feels as if it is full of cement, and even walking is a challenge.
The other day a friend sent me a link to a webinar given by a Functional Medical Doctor.  I cried when I watched it.  This doctor tells his story, how his symptoms began and how they progressed.  It was my life, step by step.  I immediately arranged for a consultation with him and took two tests.
Only 20% of the people who contact him are accepted into his program.  It is based on need, which the tests showed I was in critical need of and the willingness of the patient to commit to following the program.  Well, why wouldn't I?  I have no where else to go.
I started the program on Thursday.  Tomorrow I will have a blood draw that will test lots and lots of factors, not usually tested by our traditional doctors.  The results of this test will enable him to produce supplements that are for me alone.
This is a 5 month program.  The diet is the Gut Autoimmune Protocol.  No coffee, no booze, no dairy, grains, etc. etc. etc.
Only 4 days and I have lost 10.5 pounds.
I will not be writing about this on a daily basis, but when I have something to share, I will.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


I am on day 20 of withdrawal from an awful prescription drug, CYMBALTA.  I've done it before, so I know I will be okay, but this really is not fun.  Aside from feeling very poorly, my mood swings are pretty severe; crying at any little thing, agitated, and anxious.  Thank goodness I don't have to be socializing right now.  No one would want to be near me.
Cymbalta was prescribed for the treatment of fibromyalgia to relieve the pain.  I have found the side effects of the drug to be worse than the pain.  So, the countdown continues.

I've been working on a spinning project for a friend who gave me a huge supply of alpaca fleeces in exchange for spinning her some yarn.

This is a cria (baby) fleece and it is the hardest fiber I have had to work with.  There are many breaks and shorts in it, but oh, the buttery feel of the finished yarn is to die for.  Exactly what we are looking for in an Alpaca yarn.  I can binge watch my favorite series on Hulu, such as JUSTIFIED, and still be productive.

Meanwhile, I have so many projects I want to work on.  The other day a guy told me I need a hobby.  I almost fell out of my chair from laughing.  I should have opened my garage door while he was here.

Tomorrow I have a consultation with a Thyroid/Hashimotos specialist and will hopefully get some help in all the other health issues I have been dealing with.  My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed.

Thursday, May 21, 2020


Yesterday, I was browsing through the local Buy/Sell/Trade sites and found these:

Oh, my, the things I could do with these!  So,I contacted the seller and headed out on a trip to Ferndale.  I haven't been over that way since I moved back here, so the memories were coming fast and furious.  I had so many Alpaca friends in this area, and visited them all for various alpaca activities, often.  They, like myself, have moved on.  
Then I thought of my friend Lori who used to have the most wonderful, crafty shop in Ferndale where I sold many of my items.  The City of Ferndale, in upgrading their streets, cut off her place of business and left no parking on the street, thus no access to the store. 
So, reminiscing about so many things, I found the home of the seller.  She was working at organizing her garage, and when she turned around to greet me, we both started screaming hugs.  It was my friend Lori.  So hard not to reach out and hug.  I remained in my car and we talked for some time.  
This lifted my spirits more than anything I could have imagined.
Then, when I returned home, this was waiting for me.

This was made by my "old" college friend, Chayo.  Her business is Chayo's Ceramics in Portland, Oregon.  We lived in neighboring dorm rooms our Freshman year at Pacific Lutheran University.  Neither of us were happy with the opportunities offered there, so both of us transferred to Washington State University where she graduated in Art and I in Clothing and Textiles.  I have not seen her since my wedding in 1972!!!!  I'm so glad I persisted in my search for her.  At least she does not have a common name and Facebook did the job for me.  I love her work, and have wanted something for some time.  Then I thought to myself, why not?  What are you waiting for?  So this little tumbler is perfect for my morning cuppa Joe.

So, it is Thursday.  Be thankful for what you have.  Keep thinking and growing.  Tell all your friends and family how much you love them.  And keep on Trukin'.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


I know, I know it is Wednesday.  And how do I know that?  Because, thank goodness, it tells me so on the upper corner of my computer.  Otherwise I wouldn't have a clue.
So, Treasure Hunt Tuesday was coined by a former neighbor of mine from Nooksack.  The local thrift store, Second Chance, opens it's doors on Tuesdays after decorating the store on Mondays.
Well, they used to.  Many of us have made Tuesday mornings a social event.  I'm always looking for this and that and doo dahs, but the best is seeing friends and getting hugs.  Hugs need to last for 20 seconds to be effective in love, relieving stress, and well-being.  I always came away refreshed and feeling loved.
Here are a few of the doo dahs I have acquired there and am awaiting the inspiration to incorporate them into something awesome.  Sometimes I have these things around for years before the spirit moves me.

So, here I sit, eating my favorite breakfast:  2 poached duck eggs on a bed of sautéed vegetables.

And, of course, coffee in my Cougar Cup.
Planning my busy day ahead, ahem.

Yesterday I went to my friend's place to see her garden.  It is so gorgeous.  I like to joke about visiting my garden there, because I gave her so many of my perennials when I left the farm.  She also has about a 1/2 acre garden for flowers and veges.  She gave me this flat of starts that she didn't need.  My Sweet Peas are doing well, but I don't have as many as I would like and it is too late to start them by seed.

So, today I will plant these.  Yesterday I planted zucchini and spaghetti squash and will train them to climb on my bed springs.  I'm only allowed pot gardens since I rent.  My back deck is prime territory, and I will share more of it later.
Listening to Dixie Chicks on Pandora this morning.
Keep singing and dancing.  Good for the soul.